Watch College Basketball For Free

How Can I Watch College Basketball For Free?

The popularity of sport has grown immeasurably over the years. Thanks to the power of different medias, it's possible to watch a variety of different sports, and a variety of different teams. College basketball is no different, and the popularity of the college sports has also increased significantly, possibly to greater lengths than the professional equivalent. There's something different to supporting your local college, or the college your child is attending compared to a professional team that could be hundreds of miles away from you. This begs the question though, if you don't have cable, how can I watch college basketball for free?

The answer is the internet. There are many websites that offer streaming services for free, and you have the choice of watching hundreds of different sports from all over the world, including college basketball. But how? This article highlights several steps needed to be able to watch college basketball online.

1. Locate a college basketball streaming website. There are many out there, one of the most popular if wiziwig.tv as an example.

2. Download the software. There are in fact many different streaming players you can use to watch streams. It isn't necessary to download any, but if you do, you will have a greater choice of stream to choose from. Many will play direct in your browser, but your choices can be limited in this regard. Look to download around 5 streaming players to begin with and this will increase your choice.

3. Once downloaded and installed, navigate to the basketball link on the site. Once here, you should be presented with current and upcoming games. To begin with, just choose something that's already playing, just to give you the feel and understanding of what's happening.

4. You should now see a long list of links to the game. How do you know which one to choose? The choice becomes easier once you understand your own connection speed, and the streaming players you already have installed. Firstly, do you have a fast or slow internet connection? If your speed is quick, then the choice of stream is larger. The higher numbered streams equate to better quality picture and sound. The lower numbered streams equate to inferior quality. Obviously, you'll need a fast connection for the higher numbered streams.

5. Now look at the streaming software required to run the stream. Select one which corresponds to any of the software you have installed. Clicking on that link should automatically open the player and after a short period of time for buffering, your game should play. Alternatively, you can just select a link that opens another tab in your browser and watch it there.

6. On your player, you'll probably have to close a few ads that come up before you actually see the game. Once done, you'll see some basic controls on the player like volume and you can even make the player go full screen; perfect if you're hooking up to a tv.

And that should be it. You may get some buffering, or your stream may actually collapse. If it does, restart it by clicking the link. If it still doesn't come back, try another link. So, how can I watch college basketball for free? By going to an online streaming site like wiziwig.tv and following the above steps.

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