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There are many p2p sites available to watching sports online, but Firstrowsports is one of the best ones. It is easy to find on the search engines, and it offers a vast array of sports and regular tv. In fact, it is so popular and well used that the English Premier League has successfully managed to block use of the site in the UK. Their complaint is that it breaches copyright laws. So if you are in the UK, it is a little harder to gain access to the site. However, it is not impossible to use it, as use of a proxy server or a similar service is just one of many ways around this issue.

What is Firstrowsports?

Basically, it is a site which offers links to various games which are being shown live around the world. Football, golf, cricket, baseball, tennis, basketball, rugby, you name it it'll be on there; pretty much any sport from around the world. Simply locate the sport you wish to view, click on the link and you'll be presented with all games related to that sport which are on or are soon to be on. Find the match you wish to view, click on it, and you'll be given a choice of links which will enable you to watch it on your computer.

Is Firstrowsports illegal?

Technically no. Although it has been blocked in the UK, it only contains links to sport and tv across the globe. The actual streaming is served elsewhere, so while the Premier League has been successful in their attempts to block the site, it is still dubious that it is illegal. To combat this, Firstrowsports have set up alternate domain addresses which can be accessed from the UK.

Is Firstrowsports a safe site?

Caution should be used when you use the internet anyway, you should have virus checkers and anti spyware software already installed. The site is safe, having used it for a number of years, I have yet to encounter a problem with it.

As previously mentioned, the streams on Firstrowsports are not hosted on their site. It merely links the visitor to other places on the web which are hosting streams. Once the first few people log on to them, they download the stream, and then at the same time share what they have downloaded to other people logging on. This creates a p2p network, and means that the initial hoster is not taking the full burden of serving its visitors. The more people that get on, the more that the information is shared. This means the host does not fall off due to the increased demand. It also means that what you are seeing is not totally live, you could be watching something that happened a couple of minutes before, but it is the next best thing, and if you have no other way of watching your favourite team, then a couple of minutes off the action is not the end of the world.

So log onto Firstrowsports and never miss your favourite team play again.

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