First Row Live Football Streaming

First Row Live Football Streaming - Is it Legal?

Unhappy about never being able to see your favourite team play live? Getting sick of the same teams always being shown live? Well, First Row live football streaming is just for you. If you have a decent internet connection, you will be able to watch the majority of your team's games live. From the English Premier League to the Spanish, French, German and even many South America and other teams from across the globe, you will be able to keep up with your club's form throughout the season.

What First Row does is provides a complete list of games being shown, and then provides many links for you to be able to watch them. Sometimes you will need to download specific software such as Sopcast, but a lot of these streams will be available for you to watch live in your browser.

It is very easy to get a stream going. When your team is playing, simply click on its link within First Row, and then click on any of the links which are showing it. After several seconds of buffering, you should be watching the action live. Beware as there are sometimes several adverts to get through before you can see the action, but once you have clicked these away, you can then switch to full screen mode and watch on your computer. If the stream is of good quality, you could even hook your computer up to your tv and watch it on the big screen.

The quality of the streams are not as good as full HD, but they are still good enough.

You can be assured that for all the major leagues, it would be very unlikely for you not to be able to get a stream. For example, for the 2013/14 season, NBC Sports in the US are showing every single premier league game live either on their network or as a stream itself. This means that North American fans will certainly be forwarding these streams on for others across the world to watch.

There are many other places that advertise these streams, so you are not limited to First Row, but essentially, most of these other sites do advertise the same streams for the most part. So if First Row is having issues for whatever reason, simply try other sites such as wiziwig and get your stream there.

For English based fans, First Row has been blocked in the UK. There are ways around this, use a proxy server for example, or simply use another service such as the aforementioned wiziwig. The Premier League have been trying to block these sites because they feel they are breaching copyright rules. The truth is that First Row does not host any games on its servers, they only point to places where these games are being streamed, so technically, they are not breaking the law. But perhaps the Premier League would be best suited trying to open up the game so that everyone can enjoy it, and making it more affordable, rather than an exclusive rich mans club?

Nonetheless, for the moment, sites such as First Row and the like, have opened the game up to millions of others across the globe, some who would never otherwise be able to see the games at all.

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